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Community Mix: I'm an Ocean; You're the Rain - Annie/Britta

Title: I'm an Ocean; You're the Rain
Fandom: Community
Subject: Annie Edison/Britta Perry
Notes: Uh. So awhile ago pada_something and I got to talking about Community and started flailing at each other about Annie/Britta. I promised her I'd make her a mix for Christmas, and here it is! This isn't really a pairing with any much canonical support, but I think it could be super cute and interesting. Definitely more interesting than either of them with Jeff.  Anywayyy. Feedback is good karma! Enjoy. :]
Stats: Mix contains individual uploads of 13 songs, a .zip of all songs, and front and back covers. 

ONE || Summer Shakedown - Slow Club
Now I'm looking for someone with binoculars
So I, don't have to get so close
Because that's where the most
Casualties arise
And the eyes of your opponents
May they fall to the floor
You win the battle
You get your rattle
The trophy of gold

TWO || 1916 - Cake Bake Betty
And we became the people
we had never meant to be

THREE || Our Own Pretty Ways - First Aid Kit
It all comes down to this
I'm an ocean, you're the rain
The ice is melting fast
Even the most peaceful town
Once was a battleground
Even in our police state
Someone dares to demonstrate
Well we all fight in our own ways
But nothing ever changes

FOUR || Science Books - Arrah and the Ferns
I tried to read between the lines you wrote inside your black notebook
But your heart is like a worm and you won't let me in unless I'm dirt.
Don't try to warn me that you are an island
And there's no room for fighters
And a woman who can't learn how to please a man
Well I've read my fair share of science books
And baby, baby you're no man...

FIVE || I Just Want Your Jeans - God Help the Girl
Like an ostrich I lived
with my head in the sand
Slipped into corners
sat on my hands
I learnt to stifle shouts and outrage
And feelings deep down
You are far out of reach
perfect hands, perfect mouth
the boredom, the freedom
I don't want commitment
I don't want the drama

SIX || Silver Coin - Angus & Julia Stone
Stole a kiss through your golden locks
This goddamn room it gets so small sometimes

SEVEN || We Exchange Words - Azure Ray
We exchanged words
Through smoke-filled mouths
And then we found our bodies
Speaking loud
And our hearts pressed against the flesh
Trading stories
And rivaling insecurities
When did we learn to speak without words?

EIGHT || Small World - Ani Difranco
a strong wind could blow you down,
I heard myself say.
And she said,
word up sister
a strong wind
could take me away.
I said, skeletons are fine
your closet or mine?

NINE || Imaginary Women - Lovers
If you're locked in my collage there's no reason to fear it.
It just grew and grew and grew and grew.
Like a vine I grew and grew to you.
You're a party baby, I'm just a little dancer.
You're a puzzle baby, I'm just a little answer.
I can see you underneath the facade.

TEN || Secret Heart - Feist
Maybe you're
Just acting tough
Maybe you're just not bad enough
Let her in on your secret heart
This very secret
That you're trying to conceal
Is the very same one
You're dying to reveal
Go tell her how you feel

ELEVEN || Woman - Alessi's Ark
The ring around the moon last night
Was caused by the refraction of moon-light
From the crystals of silver, crunchy ice
I thought I'd call
To say I think you're nice
I'd like to walk around in your beautiful head
To dangle solar-systems above your wicker bed

TWELVE || Lady Bird - Anna Ash and the Family Tree
the beat of the morning rain always loses me
so come here, come here, over to me
and the gray skies have a sliver of light
there's a heap of me all tangled
up next to you

THIRTEEN || Rainbow - Oh Land
You can make it click
Making me pop
You are all over my rainbow

you're a puzzle baby
Tags: #fanmix, +community, .femmeslash, ship: annie/britta
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