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Masterlist (Under Construction)

Fandom Order:
Supernatural || CW RPF || Harry Potter || Other

Organized chronologically from newest to oldest.

Oh Comely (AO3) || Dean asks Jo for help hunting a secretive monster in northern California; Jo's happy to help, but she soon realizes Dean's keeping secrets of his own. Story is AU from mid-season 3. Originally written for floranna for the spn_summergen exchange. Gen. || PG 13

They Then Ate the Sailors (AO3) || The summer before Sam leaves for Stanford, Sam and Dean sublet a student apartment in a heat-wave gripped Chicago. With John tied up with a case in Iowa City, Sam and Dean are left to figure what's behind a recent spate of drownings. Sam wrestles with the weight of the secret he's keeping from Dean, while Dean struggles with his feelings for Sam. Things come to a head when a young girl goes missing and Sam nearly drowns. Sam/Dean || NC-17

a light to lead you home || Two months after Dean makes his deal, he and Sam go investigate a haunted lighthouse. In Iowa. S3 casefile. Sam/Dean || PG 13

Sinew, Marrow, Bone || The ghost is gone by midnight, sent up in fire and smoke. The demons take a little longer. Mid season 4. Sam, Ruby, and Dean. || PG 13

Odysseus, American (AO3) || He finds Peter O'Toole's recording of the Odyssey in a bin marked “Audio" in Casa Grande's only used bookstore. The place smells like cigarette smoke and old books and reminds him of Sam. Stanford era. Sam/Dean. || NC 17

Origin Stories || Sarah's willing to accept that ghosts are real. She's a little more skeptical that a string of suicides in Albany might be the work of one. Sarah, Jo, extremely mild Sarah/Jo || PG 13

Dean Winchester Tours America || "Does anybody realize what life is while they're living it - every, every minute?" ""No. Saints and poets, maybe. They do some." Nine moments in Dean's life. Gen. || PG 13

light enough to draw the stars || Seven things Sam Winchester loves about Jessica Moore. Sam/Jess || R

Shadow and Sway || Sam and Dean hunt a troll. Mid season 3. Sam/Dean || PG 13

A Peacefulness Follows || Ava spends five months in Cold Oak, waiting for Sam Winchester to save her. Ava, the YED. Gen. || R

Talk About Boys || Maggie still talks to Corbett. Maggie Zeddmore, Corbett. Gen. || PG 13

If Daylight Won't Receive You || Growing up at the end of the world, or: four times Claire Novak dreamed about the devil. Claire Novak, Lucifer. Gen. || PG 13

Hesitation Waltz || Dean teaches Sam how to dance. Sam/Dean || PG 13

Arson || In the end, they decide to burn the warehouse down. PWP Sam/Dean, first time, car sex, dirty talk. Sam is 16. || NC 17

Divine Intervention || "Dude," says Sam. "I think Castiel just hit on me." Crack Humor. Sam/Dean, Castiel, Chuck. || PG 13

Flightless Bird || No one ever has to write an essay on Paradise Regained. Three Sam ficlets connected by theme. Pre-series through early S1. Sam/Jess, Sam/Dean. || PG 13

The Burning of Paper Instead of Children || The human body is mostly water. Mary, John, assorted others. || PG 13

Organized chronologically from newest to oldest.

A City in the Desert || Jared's the movie star, but Jensen's the dramatic one. He's also Jared's manager, or at least he likes to pretend he is. J2 AU Jensen/Jared, background Danneel/Genevieve. || NC 17

Love Beyond the Color Spectrum || Jared's fabulous, oblivious, and straight. Jensen's just gay. Also- they're totally not dating. J2 AU. Jensen/Jared || NC 17

Kripked!! || Kripked: (verb) to have events in fic or fanon validated by new canon, reflecting the frequency with which SPN canon confirms SPN fanon. Kripke, Misha, (very) mild J2 slash || PG 13

Harry Potter
Organized chronologically from newest to oldest.

Hogwarts Kitten Nightmare || James decides to train a kitten circus to impress Evans. Things do not go as planned. MWPP era. Remus/Sirius pre-slash. || PG

Love in Many Languages || The epic love story of Sirius and Remus. 1971-1995. Remus/Sirius. || PG

Hibakusha || Sirius spends the summer after Hogwarts trapped in Remus's flat." Remus/Sirius, post-Hogwarts, pre-Azkaban. || R

Under Construction
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