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Fic: Rome pt. 1, HP Next Gen, Teddy Lupin

Title: Rome
Fandom: Harry Potter (Next Generation)
Summary: Almost two years out of Hogwarts, Teddy is living in a flat alone in London and pretending to be a Muggle. His family doesn’t particularly care for this. Teddy/Victoire, very brief Teddy/OMC, pre-Teddy/James. But mainly gen.
Rating: PG -13
Warnings: Depression, cheating, horrible attempts at sounding “British”.
Notes: This is written for familiardevil and largely based on our headcanon. There's nothing particularly out there about it, so if you're interested in Harry Potter next gen, you won't be lost. Just note I've messed with ages a bit, so it varies from the Epilogue in that respect. Dear familiar, I hope you like it. Happy belated Valentin's Day. Besoooos.
Word Count: ~14,000

part 1Collapse )
Title: Freedom Hangs Like Heaven
Fandom: Supernatural
Subject: Sam Winchester, mainly seasons 4-7
Notes: Mix contains front and back covers and a .zip of 9 songs. Individual uploads available by request.

We got a wicked ignition and the devil makes three.Collapse )
Title: I'm an Ocean; You're the Rain
Fandom: Community
Subject: Annie Edison/Britta Perry
Notes: Uh. So awhile ago pada_something and I got to talking about Community and started flailing at each other about Annie/Britta. I promised her I'd make her a mix for Christmas, and here it is! This isn't really a pairing with any much canonical support, but I think it could be super cute and interesting. Definitely more interesting than either of them with Jeff.  Anywayyy. Feedback is good karma! Enjoy. :]
Stats: Mix contains individual uploads of 13 songs, a .zip of all songs, and front and back covers. 

I tried to read between the lines you wrote inside your black notebookCollapse )

icon dump

19 USMNT [Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Landon Donovan, Carlos Bocanegra)
11 USWNT [Hope Solo, Alex Morgan, Ali Krieger]
3 LA Galaxy MLS Cup Celebrations [1 David Beckham, 1 Omar Gonzalez and Mike Magee, 1 Omar Gonzalez]
3 David Beckham
20 Iker Casillas
5 Xabi Alonso
3 Yoann Gourcuff

1 Hayley Atwell
5 Dianna Agron
2 Gemma Atherton
2 Lyndsey Fonseca

Male Models
4 Jon Kortajarena
7 Marlon Teixeira


we were born and raised in a summer hazeCollapse )
Title: You're in a Car with a Beautiful Boy
Fandom: nonfannish
Subject: Richard Siken's poetry anthology, Crush
Notes: Made for ravanna for the mixtape exchange. Prompt was "A mix representing the atmosphere of his poems." Um, I could probably write a solid 1000 words on why I picked these songs and made this art and chose this formatting to represent said atmosphere. I may still write that essay, but hopefully my reasoning gets across anyway.
Stats: Mix contains front and back covers, individual uploads of thirteen songs, and a .zip of all songs.
Important!!!: Per the exchange rules, links to uploads have been changed from http to hxxp. So make sure you change the links back. Enjoy! And remember- feedback is good karma. <3

Henry's driving, and Theodore's bleeding shotgun into the upholsteryCollapse )

SPN Mix: Dragon Queen - Sam/Kali

Title: Dragon Queen
Fandom: Supernatural
Subject: Sam/Kali
Notes: Made for mute90  as a pinch hit for the spn_hetexchange. AU/hypothetical. After meeting again by chance, Kali decides she wants to hit that, and proceeds to do so. A kind-of-relationship results. Being an ancient and powerful goddess of death and destruction, Kali is mostly not impressed by Sam's mortal woes. And as Sam finds out, he's kind of in over his head. However, they like each other, the sex is good, and Kali finds herself increasingly intrigued by Sam's power and potential. And Sam himself is pretty enthralled. Unfortunately, human/god relationships don't tend to work out...
Stats: Mix contains  front and back covers, individual uploads of ten songs, and a .zip of all songs. Happy listening! Feedback is good karma. ^__^

the spark in your eyes belies the apocalypse inside youCollapse )
Title: Let the Devil In
Fandom: LJ RPF
Subject: coyotesuspect /familiardevil
Notes:  RUH  RUH  RUH I'M  SORRY. LOVE  ME  AGAIN. lol this was made in less than two hours ):
Stats: Mix contains ALL MY LOVE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. And also front and back covers and a .zip of ten songs.

every step of every day I love youCollapse )


Title: Lover, You're a Soldier
Fandom: Supernatural
Subject: Anna/Castiel
Notes: Happy Easter! Here is a mix about tragic angels. I generally don't like Castiel, but I love Anna, and their scenes together always made me want to know more about angels (as opposed to my general reaction of apathy). I was also pretty sure they had a thing. Mix covers their relationship from Anna's doubt and fall, her time as a human, meeting Castiel and becoming an angel again, their relationship while Anna was on the run, and Castiel's betrayal of her as well as a little of him in season 6. If you squint. Feedback is good karma! Enjoy. <3 
Stats: Mix contains a .zip of 13 songs, individual uploads of all songs, and front and back covers.

no matter where I'm standing, I still love you all the sameCollapse )
Title: My Bright, My Bright
Fandom: Soccer RPF
Subject: David Beckham/Iker Casillas
Notes: Lol Another one of these. ): familiardevil is the only one who can understand, etc. No individual uploads this time because, as I said, familiardevil is the only one who can understand. Comments always appreciated though, and if you see a song you absolutely must have, let me know and I will individually upload it for you.
Stats: Mix contains a .zip of 11 songs and front and back covers.

Now everything is imaginary, especially what you loveCollapse )


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